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Enhanced Provision

Ballumbie Enhanced Provision is an onsite additional support unit for children with a variety of severe, complex and enduring additional support needs with a wide range of conditions including: ASD, ADHD, ODD, cerebral palsy, auditory neuropathy, verbal dyspraxia, selective mutism, gross motor skills, dyspraxia, low muscle tone as well as a variety of social, communication and behavioural issues.

The enhanced provision known as The Beehive currently supports over 20 pupils.  Mainstream pupils are also supported on a needs led basis with difficulties such as motor skills, social skills, English as an additional language, elective mutism and a variety of behavioural concerns.

The pupils of the enhanced provision are all integrated within their mainstream setting to a greater or lesser extent – although due to the severity of individual needs of pupils coming into the enhanced provision in recent years this is becoming increasingly more difficult to work towards.

Almost all children travel to school in transport organised by the local authority. They are met by staff, who assist those who need support, into school.

Ballumbie Enhanced Provision has excellent facilities. There is a main active play classroom with enclosed outdoor play area, a soft play room, sensory studio, quiet small group working room,’ book bug’ room, resources room  and lifeskills kitchen.

Currently there are 3 ASN teachers, 5 additional support needs assistant posts and a speech and language therapist 2 days per week. We also have strong links with the physiotherapy department, hearing impairment team, English as a second language and occupational therapy department.

Literacy, Numeracy, Health and Wellbeing are core skills development  areas for the children and their curriculum is delivered through a combination of the responsive planning initiative and the delivery of an elaborated early level CfE programme. Long term and short term targets are set for children in their Additional Support Plans (ASPs).  Discussions where relevant are undertaken with Speech and Language Therapists, Occupational Therapists and Physiotherapists to inform this process. Parents/carers play an integral role in this planning process and are consulted 3 times a year as a minimum.

Multi-sensory approaches, technologies and real life learning contexts are central to the work of the enhanced provision. Children are continually encouraged to be as independent as possible in their learning and their personal and social development.